AWS Lens provides a framework for comparing your architecture to best practices and identifying areas for improvement. The program is geared towards specific types of workloads. For example, you may want to measure your architecture against a best practice for real-time data. In addition, you can use the Lens to compare your architecture against the best practices for predictive analytics.
Alation, a leading provider of enterprise data intelligence solutions, has announced a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This relationship will enable Alation to help organizations manage their data and perform data governance. It will also help organizations find the right AWS data assets for their needs and support cloud migrations.
To be eligible to apply, an organization must have APN Partner status. This designation means that the organization has at least one year of experience working with AWS to develop data-driven solutions. Moreover, the organization must have a proven track record of delivering excellent customer experiences.
AWS Data and Analytics Competency: Alations' data preparation solution, Datameer, has received AWS Data and Analytics Competency Status. This designation is given to a select number of companies and recognizes their capabilities in preparing data for analytics. Companies that achieve this status have deep expertise in data-driven solutions and are AWS Big Data Competency partners.
As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Contino is one of the top-tier vendors on the cloud platform. In addition to its AWS Data and Analytics Competency, Contino has also earned the AWS Financial Services Competency. These AWS competencies further validate Contino's ability to deliver cloud transformation for enterprise customers. The company has expertise in cloud-native strategies, cloud migration, and upskilling its customers.
The company's data and analytics capabilities have helped it earn the AWS Data and Analytics Competency. It has demonstrated its ability to help organizations improve their data and analytics operations by integrating AWS services with their own data management systems. It has also built out data warehousing solutions that fully utilize AWS data warehousing services. It also maintains and monitors all data to ensure that customers are making informed, data-driven decisions.
Morris & Opazo
Morris & Opazo is looking for an iOS Developer to join its team. With over 15 years of experience in software development, they have extensive knowledge of AWS and Microsoft technologies. They specialize in agile implementation and are highly committed to continuous learning. This is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the success of their clients.
As a Premier Consulting Partner, NorthBay is recognized by AWS as a company with the highest level of expertise in data and analytics. This status recognizes the firm's proven AWS practices, expertise, and strong team of certified technical consultants. The company has been a member of the APN for eight years and is also an AWS Public Sector Partner.
NorthBay is based in North America and Asia Emerging Markets, and is a Public Sector Partner. It is a leader in providing transformative solutions for companies in a variety of industries. Its sister company, Eliza Corporation, focuses on healthcare engagement management and acts on behalf of healthcare organizations.

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