One of the most important ways to build your business's brand is through a well-planned brand awareness strategy. There are a variety of strategies that you can use to get your name out there, including display advertising, earned media, and account-based marketing.

Display advertising

Display advertising is an effective way to get your brand in front of consumers. It offers a variety of options for targeting, including geofencing and contextual advertising. In addition, tracking can be used to optimize future campaigns.

The ability to target specific demographics makes display advertising a powerful tool for building brand awareness and increasing conversions. Aside from targeting, it also allows you to track your audience's response, which can help you determine how well your campaign is performing.

Display ads can be served on millions of websites. This means that you'll have plenty of opportunities to find the right message and target the best possible audience.

While there are many different types of display ads, the most popular are image ads and banner ads. Both of these types of ads offer engaging visuals that can draw potential customers to your website.

Social media contests

Social media contests are a great way to drive engagement with your audience. They can help you increase your brand awareness, build your follower base, and boost sales. But, before you jump in, make sure you have a plan in place.

First and foremost, you should decide on the purpose of your contest. Then, you should set goals. These are usually specific, measurable, and achievable. SMART goals help you measure how your campaign is performing. You can track these with hashtag analytics tools that automate the monitoring process.

Another thing to keep in mind is the rules. Make sure they are thorough and legal. Also, include details on the prizes and how you will handle disputes. This will help you reduce the risk of litigation.

For example, Starbucks' #redcupcontest was a huge hit, attracting 40,000 entries in the first couple of days. It also helped the coffee giant reach a total of 500,000 followers.

Refer-a-friend feature

Developing a refer-a-friend campaign is one of the best ways to market your business. The program can be used to reward customers for sharing information about your company or products. It is also a great way to build loyalty.

A refer-a-friend program encourages customers to share positive experiences with their friends and colleagues. By giving them exclusive rewards, you can help increase your referrals.

When designing a refer-a-friend form, make it easy to complete. Ensure that the fields are well-labeled and that they are accessible. Also, use red asterisks to mark the fields as optional.


A refer-a-friend campaign can be scaled as your business grows. You may choose to reward your customers with cash or a free product. Alternatively, you can give them a subscription to your service or product. This will give them the opportunity to test it out before recommending it to their friends.

Using earned media as a brand awareness strategy is a great way to reach out to more people. It gives you more credibility and legitimizes your company. Earned media can be achieved through many avenues including content, viral marketing, and word of mouth. However, it is important to consider what you're trying to accomplish before starting your own campaign.

You need to know what the value of your earned media campaign is, and then you need to measure it to show the value to your business. There are tools to help you with this. Some of them report the number of website traffic and leads, while others track social media reach. To get an idea of how well your earned media is performing, you can compare the metrics to other brands in your industry.

Account-based marketing

Account-based marketing is a strategic approach to target specific accounts. It combines insight-driven marketing and sales. The goal is to create a relationship with high-value customers.

ABM requires the use of an accurate database. This includes details of the products and services offered by your target clients. You can also use advanced artificial intelligence software to analyze your data.

Account-based marketing is best for smaller businesses with fewer clients. Larger organizations might not be able to handle the task. But there are ways to scale up ABM without spending too much money.

To launch an account-based marketing strategy, you'll need to develop a dedicated staff. They will work to generate personalized content for your customers. Also, you'll need to research your key accounts. These accounts are important because they have the greatest potential for revenue. Identify their customer journey and pain points, and look for creative assets to bring to the table.

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